Sannox (1804)

By the Rev. Angus M‘MILLAN, Minister of Kilmorie.

THIRTY years ago, the state of religion in this island was exceedingly low. "Darkness covered the land, and gross darkness the people." But, through the tender mercy of God, the day-spring from on high visited it. Divine light arose on them that sat in darkness, and the cause of Christ has gained much ground in this part of his vineyard, since the year 1804. In that year, and the year following, many were awakened at the north end of the island, especially about the farms of Sannox and their neighbourhood. And although this awakening, as to its power and progress, was not of long continuance, yet a considerable number of the subjects of it testified, by their after lives and conversation, that they had undergone a gracious change. This day of small things was the commencement of the revival which followed. From this time, a change for the better might be observed in the religious sentiments and conduct of many among the people. Many seemed now to be awakened from the slumber of spiritual death; being disposed to attend to the things which belong to their everlasting peace. Their eyes were now opened to see the evil of their former wicked ways, their perishing con­dition as sinners, and their need of Christ as a Saviour. They now began also to distinguish between truth and error; to relish evangelical doctrine; to attend with diligence on the means of grace; and, in general, to set up the worship of God, morning and evening, in their families. Religious meetings were also set up in many places; and, in the course of a few years, a kind of reformation was thus visible throughout many parts of the island.