Peterhead - James Turner (1860)

“I am happy to say the blessed Spirit is working here. I think I told you before that we had resolved to hold meetings in our cooperage on the nights that the boats were not at sea. We now have these meetings every night, and the Lord is saving souls. Last night was a great night: many crying for mercy, and four were struck down under strong convictions of sin. I think some were saved, but a few got frightened and fled out. The devil in them could not stand it! On Sabbath we had a remarkable time of the Spirit's power, and tonight I expect a great blessing. O to live at Jesus' feet and gather in souls in armfuls to our blessed Master! I feel so thankful, that we have carried on these meetings in the cooperage, notwithstanding the determined opposition we have met with. They are speaking of preventing us from holding them but they cannot, for He that is for us is greater than all who can be against us. Do pray for us and for the work of God in this place! My brother is a little better and labouring with me. There are also a good many young converts from the Banffshire coast here at the fishing, and they help us in the meetings. They have such power with God! O how they pray! aye, and preach also, and I give them all work to do."

"The Life and Labours of James Turner," by William Robbie.


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I do not know where this took place.

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