Peterhead (1865)

At the time of the herring fishing at Peterhead, when multitudes of fishermen were collected from all parts of the Scottish coast, his (James Riach) noble form would often be seen standing erect amidst thousands who were eagerly listening to the earnest pleadings of that sweet manly voice as it tenderly said - "Come, come to the Saviour," or "Behold the Lamb of God!"

"James Turner, or how to reach the masses," by E McChardie, page 205.

James Riach was an outstanding revivalist and beautiful follower of Jesus. There is little known of him except that he worked at a time of revival and he ministered in the power of God, so I am sure there were many salvations here.

Additional Information

I do not know the date, but it must have been between 1860-71; probably more than once.

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