Colonsay (1814)

Dugald Sinclair found that his preaching here was more enthusiastic than in virtually any other district he entered.

He first visited the island for a few days in August 1814, but after three failed attempts to leave due to high winds, he deduced that the Lord must have further need for him in Colonsay. The locals embraced his ministry with joyful gratitude and audiences gradually increased to 400 (out of a population of about 800), with a number of conversions occurring. On his return to the island a year later, the congregations were of a similar size. As on his previous visit, storms again delayed Sinclair's departure, allowing spiritual interest to deepen noticeably, with all the sign of an awakening emerging in the community.

'Journal of Itinerating Exertions', by D Sinclair1815 pages 19-21, 1815 pages 7-11.

Thanks to Tom Lennie, 'Land of Many Revivals', pages 233-4.

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