Kirkintilloch (1644)

As to singular effusions of Divine grace at particular times and places, I cannot say much; only I heard my father tell, that on the Monday after the celebration of the Sacrament at Kirkintilloch, the people being detained in the church after sermon was ended, by a sudden fall of rain; that they might not be without some suitable entertainment, Mr Carstairs stept into the pulpit, and in an extempore discourse, wherein he described the nature of faith, and cautioned them against mistakes about it, especially against depending on a fact of faith that they had all their days, and knew not how they came by, declaring faith to be the work of the Spirit of God with power, there arose a mighty commotion in the congregation; many were brought into a deep concern about their souls condition, the good fruit of which appeared in their after-life and conversation.

Additional Information

This old Parish Church was built in 1644 and so it is likely that the report below took place in it.

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