Walkerburn (1886)

John G Govan founded the Faith Mission in 1886. His first mission was in Peebles. After a lot of preparation in prayer Govan and George Colvin went out into the streets. Within a couple of nights people poured onto the streets to hear them. Soon the largest hall in the town was too small to hold the hungry people. Govan wrote, 'great times here. It is impossible adequately to describe it. One needs to get into the midst of it to realise what it is, and to experience the joy and blessing of the presence and power of the Lord.’

They moved to Interleithen where there were rich blessings, and then to Walkerburn where in a place of 1,200 people, 600 crammed into the meeting place.

For more information see, ‘Glory in the Glen,’ by Tom Lennie published by Christian FocusPublications, p58.


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