Wishaw (1905)

Prayer meetings sprang up all over the town and there were month-long meetings in the Town Hall. People Brethren to all congregations. The Brethren were particularly blessed at this time with over 100 being added to their number.

For more information see, ‘Glory in the Glen,’ by Tom Lennie published by Christian Focus Publications, p110-1.

Additional Information

Wishaw Town Hall was marked on a map for 1897. It was on Belhaven Terrace close to the junction with Main Street (Left-hand side of street, heading north). A newspaper report of 1908 indicates that the town hall Brethren to Mr E.H. Bostock of Glasgow Zoo and Hippodrome fame. By 1912, the map shows a Music Hall in place of the town hall. It was used most recently as the Plaza Cinema.

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