Dunrossness (1815)

'Mr Thompson, in preaching, felt all the inspiration of the occasion. At least 500 persons were present, and as he held forth to them the precious truth, hearts were touched, consciences aroused, and the Word was proved to be 'in demonstration of the Spirit and with power'. It afterwards appeared that several were effectively awakened on that day, and induced to seek till they found a sure and saving hope in Christ. Like seasons were enjoyed on subsequent occasions, the regular, stated attendance at the chapel increasing, while there were not a few whose hearts the Lord touched.' 

Sinclair Thompson was the Baptist minister at Dunrossness for fifty years. He was known as 'the Shetland Apostle', preaching 6,000 sermons the length and breadth of the Shetlands. Many came to the Lord through his ministry.


'Sinclair Thompson, the Shetland Apostle', by Rev J A Smith, 1969, page 29.

Thanks to Tom Lennie and his book 'Land of Many Revivals.'

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