Ferryden (1893)

James McKendrick conducted two weeks of meetings here with considerable results. The choir was very resistent, but in the end most of them came to the Lord. Fishing was abandoned and people from all around came to see what the Holy Spirit was doing.

For more information see Glory in the Glen by Tom Lennie p206-7 and p404-5.

Additional Information

A view of the fishing village of Ferryden which has experienced many revivals in the past, probably as a result of the close relationships amongst the fishermen and their families.

According to Tom Lennie in the latter half of the 19th century, 1,600 in a parish of 2,500 had connections with the Free Church. There were revivals in 1846, 1860,1867, 1874-5, 1884, 1893 and 1913. Apart from the last, al these revivals took place in the time of Hugh Mitchell, who was minister to the parish.

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