Ardnamurchan (1829)

Angus McIver went to Ardnamurchan (peninsula) as a teacher with the Gaelic School Society. Here people flocked to his classes and with much zeal and enthusiasm begged to learn to read the Word of God. The school and meeting-house became repeatedly crowded as McIver witnessed God's Spirit working in a marked manner. Indeed, said his biographer, 'The community was moved as perhaps it was never moved before or since, for God's Spirit was very manifestly present at the gatherings ... the place was a well-watered garden at this time and the spiritual enthusiasm was immense.' 


'Story of a Lewis Catechist: the Life of Angus McIver', serialised in the Stornaway Gazette 22/1/1972, page 5.

Thanks to 'Tom Lennie, Land of Many Miracles', page 223.

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