Newburgh (1782-1784)

From John Wesley's diary.


We received a pleasing account of the work of God in the north. The flame begins to kindle even at poor dull Keith; but much more at a little town near Fraserburgh; and most of all at Newburgh, a small fishing town fifteen miles from Aberdeen, where the society swiftly increases; and not only men and women, but a considerable number of children, are either rejoicing in God, or panting after Him.


I went to Newburgh, a small fishing town, fifteen miles north of Aberdeen. Here is at present, according to its bigness, the liveliest society in the kingdom. I preached in a kind of Square to a multitude of people, and the whole congregation appeared to be moved, and ready prepared for the Lord. At two in the afternoon Mr Black read prayers, and I preached in Trinity Chapel. It was crowded with people from all denominations. I preached from 1 Cor. XIII, 1-3. At five I preached in our own chapel, exceedingly crowded, on 'The form and the power of godliness.' I am now clear of these people, and can cheerfully commend them to God.

Additional Information

The square John Wesley mentioned is likely to be where indicated.

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