Grantown-on-Spey (1848)

Over 1,000 came to the baptism that took place on the banks of the Spey. After that day souls were awakened at almost every sermon and prayer-meeting, inquirers were numerous and the church revived. 54 were baptised over the next four months.

The pastor said, 'Under the mighty hand of God it is our prayer meetings that hold our souls in life.' Over 100, in addition to the children, attended the twice-weekly meeting from the outset and on occasion, the attendance was nearly 300.' By March 1850 so many were being drawn to the Sabbath morning services that when the large congregation was dismissed the chapel was immediately filled with eager souls who had been waiting outside. At some church services every church member was engaged simultaneously in speaking with enquirers, while on many nights, seekers would gather at Grant's home, waiting to speak with the pastor. 

The revival spread to outstations on every side of the town. These Sabbath Schools flourished, though the one in Grantown was particularly, 'a wonder to every beholder', being attended by a hundred children under 12 years of age and sometimes more. Grant's son conducted a packed Sabbath morning meeting for young men and his father/pastor 'sometimes listened and shed tears of joy behind the door when they were not aware of it.'

'Land of Many Revivals', by Tom Lennie, pages 473-4. 

Additional Information

The church building before this one was built in 1851, probably as a result of this revival.

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