Jura (1812)

Dugald Sinclair records that when in Jura with a colleague, 'on reaching a field where the inhabitants of the farm were reaping close by the public road, we asked, "Can you spend an hour for the Gospel and your souls, though your harvest is necessary?" They frankly and without hesitation said, "Indeed we can and are glad to have it in our power to do so". They gathered into a corner of the field, close by the road, and patiently and attentively heard the word. The inhabitants of the farm which we had left behind, on seeing these waiting to hear the word, dropped their sickles to a man and with post-haste came to hear, except one individual, who made not an appearance among his neighbours.'

Sinclair met with a similar response in other parts of Jura at this time and his biographer wrote, 'this almost certainly indicates that a spiritual awakening was in progress throughout the island.' 

'Dugald Sinclair' by D Meek, page 74.

Thanks to Tom Lennie, 'Land of Many Revivals', page 233.

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