Wolflee (1868)

Since the beginning of September, there has been a very remarkable awakening at Wolflee, an entirely rural charge in Roxburghshire. The minister, Mr R Milligan, in a letter to the convenor, of the date October 24, gives the following interesting account:- 'I desire to lie at the foot of the cross and praise the Lord for the great and good work he is carrying out among us. God has graciously poured out His Spirit very abuntantly upon us, so that very many are asking the all improtant question, "what must I do to be saved?" We have most especially been praying for a revival of religion during the summer, and before the blessing came, we were beginning very confidently to look for it. It was when Mr Steel of Broughton was here that the blessing began to descend. Immediately before that time I remember praying, 'Lord, send the outpouring of the Spirit speedily.' We prayed that the Lord would bring a great blessing by any instrument and in any way he would choose. Ever since Mr Steel's visit we have had inquirers after the way of salvation. One notable feature of the work is the number of young men who have been brought under deep religious impressions. In many other places there are more female than males, especially at the beginning of the movement. It was entirely otherwise here. At first, those who were anxious were almost exclusively young men. And they have been greatly blessed in extending and continuing the work, in the way of bringing careless young men to the meetings. The faith and courage of these young men, in speaking to the careless and those who mock, is noble, and worthy of imitation by advanced Christians. There is great opposition to the Lord's work, on a variety of pretexts. Many openly say that they do not believe in the necessity of conversion at all. Others think they should stay at home and be converted. The work still advances: all praise be to the Lord. Some who were bitterly opposed are being won over to the cause of Christ. The experience of the awakened, and of those who get rest in Christ, is often very striking. Some have trembles and been unable to speak to anyone. Some of the most wicked men in the place have been, so far as we can judge, converted. They have given up their swearing etc. We have had several striking answers to prayer. Fully sixty professed to have experienced a saving change during the last eight weeks. And still we are looking for more blessing: a good many are still anxious.

From the 'Free Church of Scotland Monthly Record'.

Additional Information

Wolflee was the name of the parish which included Hobkirk and Southdean.

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