Kenmore (1846)

'At Kenmore there was a vacancy of nearly three years after May 1843 (the Disruption), but under the influence of the Marquis of Breadalbane, able ministers were brought to supply the pulpit, and Mr. Sinclair, on entering on his labours in the spring of 1846, had " abundant evidence " that the preaching had been blest to not a few of the people. The first communion in the summer of 1840 was a precious and refreshing season — a time of revival. "So was the next communion in the winter following. In particular, on the Sabbath, and during a powerful and affecting address in Gaelic by the late Mr M'Rae of Knockbain, there was an impression so deep and general that it has left its memories to this day [1877] in the hearts of the people."'

'Annals of the Disruption', by Brown, page 750.

Additional Information

I do not know where the communion took place.

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