Wick (1905)

In the month of February 1905, the mission yacht Albatross, under the command of Mr W. F. Stewart, of Edinburgh, visited Wick. Christian people throughout the land were deeply moved by stirring accounts of the Lord's work in Wales. These accounts were read at the Albatross mission meetings with growing interest each night. The hall in which the work began soon became too small open-air and the meetings were transferred to the United Free Church, Wick. Country people came flocking in from all the surrounding districts and villages. Great solemnity and deep earnestness pervaded the gatherings, which, on the Sabbath evenings, filled the Parish Church, which is seated for 2000 people. Mr Stewart committed himself, his workers, and the work to the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit. There was no loud advertising. There was no desire to create a sensation. Everything was done with the simplicity, confidence, and thoroughness becoming a believing sense of the presence of the Spirit. The preaching was short, simple, and direct. The doctrines of grace were very earnestly stated and applied practically. The singing was bright, while the language and expression were intensely spiritual.

The community was deeply impressed. All classes were touched. School children and elderly people were led to Christ, as well as large numbers of young men and women. Without any undue pressure, people asked to be prayed for and conversed with, on the subject of their souls' salvation. Conversions took place in groups. As many as five out of one family professed Christ. Similarly, many companions and neighbours were led into the light together. About five hundred souls were hopefully dealt with, while lasting impressions were made upon others who did not reveal the state of their minds. A healthy revival of religion had been experienced. The churches were, and at the half-yearly Communion in May, the numbers who sought admission to the Lord's table proved the realty of the work. More joined the fellowship of one Church at that time than on any previous occasion in its history. "And the Lord added to them day by day those that were being saved."

'Revivals in the Highlands and Islands' by Alexander Macrea, Republished in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications.

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