Islay (1813)

Dugald Sinclair became a Baptist in 1801 after first being a Presbyterian. His mission field was Argyllshire and the Western Isles. In Islay he preached from the face of a beautiful green ascent at the west end of Bowmore (estimated on the map) as well as in people's houses. He wrote in his journal, 'The greater part of the inhabitants of the village, with many from the vicinity, attended on all the occasions.' In 1813 his audiences continued to be large and very attentive and much affected... an awakening of some kind, and to some degree, appears prevalent all over the island, except in a few places'.

'Journal of Itinerating Exertions', by D Sinclair, volume 3, 1812, page 23.

Thanks to Tom Lennie, 'Land of Many Revivals', page 232.

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