Covenanter's Graves (1664-1685)

The Phinigk Flag is in the church and was flown by the Covenanters at the battle of Drumclog, their only victory, and at the battle of Bothwell Bridge, their greatest defeat. Fifteen hundred Covenanters were taken prisoner; many died during the months of confinement in Greyfriars Churchyard, the rest in a shipwreck off the Scottish mainland, after they had been deported to the colonies. The flag bears the words, `Phinigk for God. Cwntry and Covenanted Works of Reformations'. The gap between God and Cwntry would usually have been filled by the word 'king', but of course it was the king they were fighting against. Put rather than exclude the king totally, they left a space, just in case the king should come back into the fold.

The Covenanters were against the imposition of Episcopal practices by the king. So when they were forced out of their Churches, they met illegally on the moors and hills around Scotland. These services were known as Conventicles and anyone caught attending such a service was liable to execution. Indeed many were killed for just having a Bible on their person when the Dragoons appeared. It is not for nothing that these times are known as the 'Killing Times'. The Churchyard bears testimony to several who died because of their beliefs. More men from the Parish of Fenwick died in the cause of the Covenanters than from any other parish in Scotland.

Extract from the Church History Guide.

The graves of the Covenanters are well marked as can be seen in the photo.

Additional Information

Sadly the church burned down in 1929. Only the walls remained, but it was rebuilt quickly.

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