Abingdon Hall, Partick (1878)

MESSRS, DUNN AND SCROGGIE have finished their course of evangelistic services in Abingdon Hall, Partick, Glasgow; and the Lord has given great blessing. The hall holds nearly 500 and has been the scene of many conversions.

The first meetings were on Sunday evenings, at which ministers and friends of various denominations preached, and after the first two nights the hall has been densely crowded, being attended chiefly by working people and the poor - who always receive a hearty welcome. The movement is undenominational and helpful to all the churches. The deepest earnestness has invariably characterised the meetings.

The special meetings carried on by Messrs. Dunn and Scroggie have been continued nightly (except Saturdays) for five weeks and besides the nightly meetings, there has been a Saturday mid-day and Sunday afternoon meeting for children. There has also been, for some Sundays back, a morning meeting at 9 a.m. for Christians. The interest has never flagged. The converts number several hundreds. Mr Scroggie unfortunately was laid aside by illness after one week's work, and the labour of carrying on all these meetings fell on Mr Dunn who has been most graciously supported both in body and mind. Mr Lamb, of the New Mission Hall, has given great help along with fulfilling the claims of his own special work. Fully 11,000 Gospel books have been distributed, kindly supplied by Mr James Carr, of Carlisle.

The last meeting of the course was held on Sunday evening when Mr Dunn preached in the Burgh Town Hall, to which the meeting had to be transferred for that night, owing to their being crowded out of the usual place. These two brethren leave Partick for other fields of labour, with the deeply grateful remembrances of the young converts and of the Christians of the place who follow them with earnest prayers for continued prosperity in the Master's work.

"The Christian," May 2nd, 1878.

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