Lochcarron (1843)

Under the famous Lachlan Mackenzie, the parish of Lochcarron enjoyed from 1782 to 1819 all the benefits of an exceptionally powerful and evangelical ministry. During that period there had been more than once a season of revival, rich traditions of which are still current throughout the north.

At one communion service at Lochcarron, immense numbers came from all over the north of Scotland. At one service there were thousands present and 200 were saved. There were less than 900 in the parish. Mackenzie said there were times of 'general reviving and outpouring of the Spirit' upon the district, when men and women came under the power of the gospel not simply in ones and twos but sometimes in large numbers together.

'The Happy Man' by Iain H Murray, 1976, page 20.

Probably, however, the most remarkable revival that took place in Lochcarron within the century was on the occasion of a visit of the Revs. John MacRae, Knockbain (MacRath MOr) and Mr M'Donald, Urray, at the beginning of 1843. Mr MacRae himself has described the movement.

"Soon after the Convocation, Mr McDonald, of Urray, and I was ordered to the Presbytery of Lochcarron to secure the adherence of the people to the principles for which the Church was then contending. The word spoken had such a remarkable effect on the minds of the people that none but an infidel would fail to see the finger of God in the work. Old and young were brought under the power of the truth. Unholy practices were at once given up. Errors, particularly those which keep careless sinners bound fast under a covenant of works, were clearly seen and scattered to the winds. It was felt almost universally that the way of justification freely by grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, is the only way through which a guilty creature can have any scriptural hope of escape from the wrath of a righteous Judge. For the last fourteen months the good work has been making less or more progress in that quarter. I have been conversing, as opportunity offered, with some individuals here and there, and I have been inquiring about them from the most judicious and discerning persons I could find in every district; and the result is a thorough conviction that a goodly number are feeding on Christ, the Bread of Life, desiring the sincere milk of the Word, and growing thereby, while many others with awakened consciences and trembling hearts are anxiously seeking an interest in Christ. Often have I commenced to address these people, under a deep sense of exhaustion, and concluded much refreshed. the men of the world may sneer at us and call us fanatics for entertaining such views, but let us rather rejoice that our heavenly Master is so mindful of His covenant and condescends to refresh us when we are weary, as He did in the experience of His Church and inheritance in ages by past."

From ‘Revivals in the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Macrea – Re-published in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications.

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I think this was Lochcarron Parish Church.

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