Benderloch (1895)

Duncan MacColl, a native of the island decided to return home with two friends to start meetings there. A few came to the Lord at their first meeting; then the three knelt to ask the Lord for salvations.

'The result was more blessed than pen and ink can describe. In the course of the service the preachers were conscious of unprecedented liberty in the proclamation of their messages, and it was very soon manifest that God was working in a special way. Many in the congregation were moved to tears. All conventionality seemed to be forgotten. Under the gracious guidance of the Holy Spirit, the service gradually took the form of a great enquiry meeting. It was long after the usual hour ere the congregation dispersed that forenoon. Many had already sought and found pardoning grace. Others remained behind in earnest conversation and prayer with the evangelists.'

A significant revival ensued with people being saved as they went about their normal business. Ministers came to help from the mainland. The revival spread to Appin and Benderloch.

From ‘Glory in the Glen,’ by Tom Lennie published by Christian Focus Publications, p66-9.

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