Old Bethel Congregational Chapel - Glanaman (1828)

At the Association the Congregationalists held at Cwmaman on 22-23 July there was great rejoicing as those who had experienced the revival brought the ‘heavenly fire’ with them over the Black Mountain. When the ministers and hearers returned to their respective congregations, they took the fire with them, and thus the revival spread abroad further. At Cwmaman itself, 22 were received into membership of Bethel, the Congregationalist chapel, on one Sunday. The Rev. John Rowlands was called upon to preach at the Calvinistic Methodist chapel five or six miles away. He brought with him ‘the children’, as the converts of the revival were called. During the sermon he shouted out ‘Godliness!’ and the ‘children’ broke out singing and rejoicing, so much so that many of the benches were broken. The additions to the Calvinistic Methodists were such that the chapel had to be rebuilt. The revival continued at Cwmaman for at least two years.

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With thanks to Geraint Jones.

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