Aberffraw Chapel (1776)

1776 Aberffraw, Anglesey. ‘About the year 1776, says a manuscript before me, a powerful revival broke out in Aberffraw, which added greatly to the number of disciples; and from then on, the Methodists can be viewed as being established in the region. It had now gained the ascendancy. From then on it was no longer an object of scorn, nor wounded so much by slanderous remarks. About this period Richard Jones, the son of shopkeeper in Trefdraeth, began to attend, who was later of great use to the cause at Holyhead.’ [*MC ii. 521; NB date was 1777 according to John Pritchard, Methodistiaeth Môn, o’r Dechreuad, Hyd y Flwyddyn 1887, Amlwch 1888, pp.39, 367]

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