Cemmaes (1797)

1797 Cemaes, Montgomeryshire. ‘The number of members when it started in Plas-ucha’ in 1786 was 24, but in 1797 there were 62. About the year 1797 the Lord visited the area through a powerful revival, which cause the increase to the number of members referred to. Mention is made of one remarkable meeting at Plas-ucha’ when Mr Richards was there preaching. Many of the hearers began to cry out, and to praise so that the preacher could not be heard, at which the preacher went to another part of the house, and the hearers after him. There also the congregation broke out in the same way, and there was now, in each end of the house, men either crying out for their lives or praising the grace of God for snatching them like ‘brands from the burning.’ There was a similar visitation after the move to Hen Neuadd Camlan, which increased the number of members. Reference is made of a remarkable meeting in this place under a sermon of R. Roberts, Clynog. Referring to the everlasting duration of the world to come, whether in its woe or its bliss, the preacher used the similitude, and that in his own particular way, a way that cannot be imagined, nor even described, ‘that the clock in hell was stopped at midnight, and in heaven at midday!’ [MC ii. 383]

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