Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll (1794)

1794 Llanfair P G, Anglesey. ‘About the time that Richard Morris began publicly exhorting his fellow-countrymen, namely the year 1794, one Richard Evans came to the neighbourhood, namely Llanfairpwllgwyngwll, Anglesey, to keep a Welsh day school, perhaps by the embassage of Mr Charles. This man was a godly man and very hard working with the task set him; and he was very useful, not only in Llanfair, but also in many other regions. On his arrival to this area, he and Richard Morris went through the region visiting each house, asking them to come to the chapel two nights a week to learn to read Welsh; they were pleased to see them, and they did what they could to teach those they instructed. They also succeeded with a number of the neighbours, and among others the man who used to be a mocker; this one promised to come to keep the door from and disturbance. This means gave a very powerful impetus to the religious cause, the prejudices of many were subdued, many learned to read Welsh, many were broadened in the understanding of the young [?], and the ignorance of the area was to some degree scattered away. One time after Richard Evans had catechised the scholars concerning the things relating to Jesus Christ in his life and death, he gave the following verse out to sing:-

There will be singing of the blood,

He blotted out sins,

And of the great conquest that was had,

Upon Calvary,

Of his going down to the grave,

And rising up,

Thousands will be seen in his image

Praising him. But before they had finished singing the verse, the congregation broke out in crying out and singing, each in his place, old and young, and in the enjoyment they continued, some of them, until the next day. This stirred the neighbourhood; some rose from their beds that night to come to the place, and ask what was this? This powerful revival continued for some time, hardly less than two years; and was the means of completely subduing the old vain games – they were swept away as if by a torrent, as they did not raise their heads any more. Many were added to the number of the church at this time; 16 young people came the same night to seek a place in the house of God, and very many after that. Many of them continued to adorn their profession to the end of their days, other turned back and did not walk any more with Jesus, and some remain until today. The cause continued cheerful in the place unto this day, and strong churches, like Borth and Llandegfan, have issued from it.’ [MC ii. 579-80; Pritchard, Methodistiaeth Môn, pp.97-8]

This information was kindly provided by Geraint Jones

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