Llechryd (1792-1823)

1792-3 Llechryd, Cardiganshire. ‘The church was weak and childless, and the friends disheartened and discouraged; so much so that they were tempted to think that the cause would be extinguished in the place. But at this dark time the Lord visited them as ‘the Dayspring from on high.’ He made bare his arm and wrought mightily... This happened about the year 1792-3.’ [MC ii. 25]

1822 Llechryd, Cardiganshire. ‘In the year 1822, the cause had another special revival. This visitation was very strong and powerful. Scores turned from the error of their ways, a reviving beginning was given to the church, and all the pupils of the Sabbath school were won, from a small number to being church members. There were some here yearning and sighing for such a visitation, as they feared the hearers were established in carelessness, and the pupils in the Sabbath school were accustomed with the Bible without experiencing its authority. And to their joy they had the desire of their heart. The revival began in a rather sudden way. On Sabbath afternoon in the month of August 1822, two men [Mr David Davies, Trefecca, and Mr David Hughes, Pembrokeshire] were preaching, when something very wonderful descended on the congregation. The lovely dew descended while the first man was speaking, and the whole congregation listened with unusual diligence; but when the second read his text, “And when he is come, he will convict the world of sin, etc.” the word went like lightning through the congregation, and scores broke out with one voice crying like those who had been stabbed with a sword. There was no purpose, now, for the preacher to try to say another word; he was himself completely overcome, and he could only stand in amazement at what had happened. This visitation greatly added to the congregation, the church fellowship, and the Sabbath school, so that they had to think of rebuilding the chapel.’ (MC ii. 26) This information was kindly provided by Geraint Jones

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