Sketty (1807)

1807 Morriston, Glamorganshire. ‘Shortly after Mr Davies was established here, the cause was revived uncommonly, and hundreds were added here, and in Sketty in a short time. In the year 1807, a remarkably powerful revival broke out. The influences were so powerful that the people would remain in the chapels half the night singing, weeping, and praying, and they would do so again as they went home in companies staying here and there to pray. Many of the most ungodly men of the area were won to religion in this revival. Part of the song composed by Mr Davies in reference to it is worth of quoting here.

“Morriston lately has had proof of God’s favour,

Through his gracious visitation, he made many of the dead alive;

Some old and middle-aged, and also young people,

Were saved in scores from going to the fires of hell;

The mighty breeze would walk up and down,

And turn through Swansea until the great walls were damaged;

And also Llangyfelach and around Mynydd-bach,

Pearls were found in Cwmbwrla, which will forever be perfectly whole. The Man with the rainbow, that conquered on his horse,

So that he made some enemies willingly give him respect;

Some hundreds were compelled to enter into the church of God,

That were lately seen living on the field of the world.

Some of the cruel blasphemers, the worst enemies to be found,

Are loudly praising God for free salvation,

That flowed like a river between the thieves on the hill,

To wash some of the most loathsome as pure as the white snow.”

Soon after this fervent revival very many of the inhabitants were swept away by death, particularly in Morriston.’ [HEAC ii. 14-5]

This information was kindly provided by Geraint Jones

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