Capel Helyg (Welsh Independent) - Llangybi (1819)

Apparently untouched by the revivals that had been occurring in the neighbouring districts, things had reached a low ebb in 1821 at Capel Helyg, Pwllheli, one of the oldest Nonconformist congregations in north Wales. The Rev. Edward Davies had been called as their minister in 1816. The congregation stood at fourteen members at the time. Four of them were over eighty years of age, and two of these, namely David Jones, Brynllefrith, and Owen Morris, Sarnycorddi, were the only ones who prayed publicly in the congregation. One day in about 1821 Edward Davies returned home to find that Owen Morris had died in his absence, and was to be buried that day. He was affected greatly when he heard the news, and the first thing he asked was, ‘Who will pray for me now?’ John Thomas, Glynarthen, had been announced to preach in the chapel that evening, and before the end of the meeting, a powerful revival broke out. Many were pricked in their hearts, and in the following days about thirty were added to the little church. As one observer recorded, Mr Davies now had many more to pray for him in place of the one he lost.

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Additional Information

Built 1652, restored 1814, rebuilt 1834 and 1877.

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