Holywell Calvinistic Methodists (1819)

Robert Jones comments briefly on Denbighshire and Flintshire as follows:


Many of the districts of Denbighshire and Flintshire are under the same sort of outpourings, and many have been added to the churches.[1]

There are few accounts extant detailing the progress of revivals in these counties. John Hughes records concerning Holywell, in Flintshire, that in the year 1817, there was a pleasant visitation; – the sun shone on the area after long darkness; – a comfortable spring after a long winter. The Lord made bare his arm and performed wonders. This soon gave a new appearance to the work than that which had been; the chapel was filled with hearers, and many were added to the church.[2]

The date 1817 is almost definitely an error, but whether 1818 or 1819 is to be substituted for it is uncertain. As result of the revival, a new larger chapel was built at a different location in 1825.[3]

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With thanks to Geraint Jones.

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