Caebach Chapel (1769-1772)

1769-72 Caebach, near Llandrindod, under ministry of Ioan Thomas. ‘The Lord came down in an uncommon way through the ministry of the Word about the year 1769, like unto the day of Pentecost, in our public and private meetings, particularly during the partaking of the ordinance [of the Lord’s Supper], so that many cried out having been pricked, and others blessing the Lord, singing and praying, and speaking each with his neighbour, and the people of the world amazed, and failing to leave many times during the Sabbath day until I returned from preaching in Rhayader, and travelling about twenty miles there and back. The stirring spread through the neighbouring districts, and there were additions to the church. Having preached several times before Lady Huntingdon in Trefeca at her wish, she desired me to go and preach in her Connexion in Sussex, and she sent her young men to take my place in the Churches. So I went for six or seven weeks preaching in Brighton and in other towns and places throughout Sussex. It was a valuable time for me: so persecutors arose; I baptised five or six children; I came home safely via London, escaping the wicked men in the process.

Having returned I heard that the Lord had set seals upon my ministry in Sussex, and to him be the praise, Amen. I separated four in the church of Caebach to be deacons and elders, and three of the young men also, by the agreement of the church, to use their gifts publicly in this flourishing church. And things continued like this during the years 1770, 1771, and 1772, so that news of the success of Caebach, near Llandrindod Wells, spread through all Wales.

On the first day of the year, I was speaking in Garn, when I had a New Year’s gift from heaven: the Spirit of the Lord was poured out upon us as in Cornelius’ house, so that there was crying out and rejoicing throughout the house. From then on the heavenly wind continued blowing until there was an awakening and revival throughout the neighbouring localities. Many were converted and we also set up fellowship meetings to examine their experiences, and to build one another up. It was a remarkable time in Cae-bach; the fields were white unto harvest, and at this time I was going around preaching, having no rest. And no wonder, for in many places they testified to me that it was in hearing me that the Lord saw fit to work first upon their souls. One thing surprised me most particularly when I went to speak in the area of Llanfynydd, in the house of my father-in-law. Such effect descended upon the people, and such a crowd had gathered together, however we did not hear of some who had been awakened. But in a subsequent meeting when many had gathered together, and they were treading on each other, as I went to prayer the Lord poured out his Spirit with power from on high, and he fell upon me and then the people so that there was crying out and people blessing the Lord throughout the house. After it had quietened a little I began to speak, but the same thing happened so that I had to be quiet. Then someone asked if they could be quiet, as there were people here from afar who wanted to hear Mr Thomas preaching. Then some of the fervent ones went out praising and leaping across the yard to the barn (occasionally there would be preaching there). There being quiet in the house I began to speak, and some others broke out in the same way. Then those outside came in, like two fires together, so that I had to be silent and leave them to sing, praise, pray and speaking for hours before leaving.

It is not surprising that the family was glad when the prodigal son returned home. I afterwards heard that at least ten had been awakened in this meeting, besides some who had been sleeping and were awakened. There was an awakening, revival, and quickening in Llanfynydd some time after this. This was when my youngest sister-in-law was convicted, who dies comfortably. There were earnest calls for me to come there after this, and I went from Radnorshire many times, and they found it valuable for me to speak. . .

{{{{At this time [about 1779] I also found it valuable to preach in my family home [?] of Ty-Coch, where I imagined one night in a dream that a man said to me, full of love, ‘My dear brother, do not lose heart, the Lord still has a great work for you to do before you die.’ . . .}}}} Among various other similar meetings in North and South Wales, I shall name two remarkable ones. As I was speaking one afternoon in Llanfynydd village, Carmarthenshire, many broke out blessing the Lord. It was a joy to me to see many children coming out and going to the village praising the Lord, and exalting his name like a host as if they were going to take the village before them. Then they fell down to pray in the village, and then got up, and exhorted the people who were watching them, and praising the Lord. They would fall down to pray in some other part of the village and get up praising and blessing the Lord. These words came to mind: out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou perfectest praise.

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