Llangamarch Wells (1828)

1828 Llangamarch, Brecknockshire. ‘Llangamarch had a powerful experience of the revival that took place in the year 1828. It first visited Gorwydd, and some small signs of dawn appeared in Llangamarch, particularly in the Sabbath School, The form of which had been completely changed. But one evening, when the late Rev. T. Elias was preaching on the text, “Wilt thou go with this man?” someone shouted out “Yes, I’ll go.” This one was a very remarkable man. He was an old soldier, who had served George IV; and as with soldier generally, without much care for his soul, nor indeed for his body. But in the above meeting he was pricked in his heart, and very stirring was his shout. As he went home he praised his new master greatly publicly in the streets, “I have served an earthly king for years, but he cannot compare with this master. Here’s a master!” The soldier continued diligent with religion, until now; or at least to the time the above account was written, and as a member in Brecon.

When he broke out in Thomas Elias’ meeting, many others broke out likewise, and there was a powerful revival of the whole work. In the following months about 104 were added to the church. Proof was given to the people generally that the finger of God was in this revival; particularly when they saw what was done to the old soldier above. Their prejudice against the revival in the place fell, and they believed that it was a degree of that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;—God pouring out of his spirit in the last days. Under the influence of the revival, the cause was cheered and greatly strengthened in all its parts; and it was necessary, in the years following, to enlarge the house of worship to its present form and size.’ (MC iii. 341)

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