Llanbrynmair (1778-1819)

1778 Llanbrynmair. Under the ministry of Richard Tibbott. ‘There were two seasons in which it was the Lord’s good pleasure more abundantly to bless Mr Tibbott’s labours at Llanbrynmair. The first was in the year 1778. At that time the hearers increased so abundantly, that it became necessary to enlarge the meeting-house, and many were added to the church; some of whom continue unto this day, ornaments to their Christian profession; and others have died in faith, and now inherit the promises. The other ever-memorable revival began in November 1787. The word was then attended with such power, that it was not possible for the most hard hearted to hear it without some concern about their salvation; and about ninety persons were added to the church in the space of one year.’ [EM 1802, p.166-7; cf. HEAC i. 239]

1818-9 Llanbrynmair. ‘There has been something of a revival in the Church since about last Christmas, upwards of 30 since have joined the Church - and there have been revivals in many parts of North Wales among Methodists and Dissenters. Sunday Schools have proved a great blessing in many places.’ [Letter from John Roberts to George & Jane Roberts, Pennsylvania, dated 14th January 1819: NLW Ms 14092C]

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