Bwlchyrhiw Baptist Chapel (1805)

Similarly, the Baptists at Llanybydder saw increases in 1805 and 1806. Zechariah Thomas, the senior pastor, wrote to a relative in 1805 as follows: 

Through mercy, there is now a little revival in this neighbourhood. On the Friday before the Association, three of my own family were baptized at Bethel, and, on the following sabbath, one, at Bwlch-y-rhiw. Since then, another has been baptized at Bethel, and, last sabbath, five more were baptized there. These, I hope, will be useful to support the cause, when I am in my grave. Last sabbath, the meeting-house was thronged. Many stood without. Your cousin, Mr Timothy Thomas, preached and baptized. We have a meeting every fortnight, to converse with persons under conviction, and who are desirous of joining the church.[1]

The following year he reported that ‘the revival continues thus far. In the course of the last ten months, twenty-six have been baptized at Betheland Bwlch-y-rhiw; and there are five more who have signified their desire to unite with us. A few have been added to every branch of the church.’[2]Later in the year, he added the following comment:

We receive some additions, at Bethel and Bwlch-y-rhiw, every ordinance day. Baptized the last time, at Bethel, five; at Bwlch-y-rhiw, thirteen. That day, eighteen were received into the church, and six more are desirous of joining us; but, to our sorrow, we have been obliged to exclude one, as an accursed thing, lest the displeasure of God should fall on us, on his account. Since the association, eighty have been baptized in the several branches of the church, and we expect more will be added to us shortly.[3]

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