Newcastle Emlyn (1775)

1774-5 Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire (among Baptists). ‘1774. Ebenezer. 8th and 9th of June . . .

Baptized 333, dead 57, excluded 16, restored 8, increase 268. Many were baptized in some of the churches, but the peace of one or two of them was disturbed, as will soon appear . . . 1775. Usk. 14th and 15th of June . . . Many of the additions, this year and last, were to the young church in and near Carmarthen, and to the mother church at Newcastle, about that time and since, called Pant-teg, from a new meeting-house of that name. Many of those who had been baptized were young, and the old members looked upon them as inexperienced and flashy; in return, they looked on the old as formal and lifeless. Thus they made each other uncomfortable, and probably there was some truth, and some error on each side. The uneasiness respected neither doctrines nor morals in general, but was about the method of singing. The consequence of it was, the young people, at both places, separated in March and April, preceding this Association, and formed two churches; but the ministers and messengers who met at Usk dissapproved of the cause and manner of the division, and therefore would not receive them into the connexion; they were advised to return to their churches, and be reconciled. So it was left. This year baptized 278, dead 66, excluded 17, restored 19, received by letters 6, dismissed 3, increase 217.’ [Joshua Thomas, A History of the Baptist Association in Wales, pp.65-6; MC ii. 459; HBC p.394]

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