Tabernacle Newydd Independent Chapel, Holyhead (1822)

The revival was not confined to the Calvinistic Methodists, however. William Griffiths, who was last encountered departing from Caernarfon to go to college in September 1818, was ordained minister of the Congregational church of Tabernacle, Holyhead, on 22 September 1822. In reviewing his early ministry there he wrote as follows:

The progress of the cause at the Tabernacle has been gradual and continuous. At times we have been blessed with additions to the Church such as may be called ‘revivals.’ The first of these took place during the first half-year of my ministry. The Lord gave us a very gracious visitation at that time. Many members were received, some of them being heads of families - husbands and wives coming together, and who became very faithful and useful. This was a token for good, and made us thank God heartily and take comfort.[1]

[1]John Lewis, Memoir of William Griffith, Holyhead, pp. 44-45; also E. Cynffig Davies, Cofiant William Griffith, Caergybi, p. 37.

Thanks to Geraint Jones.

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