Swyddffynnon (1812)

1812 Bala district. ‘Hundreds of children and young people have joined the societies this year. On the 27th September, the children and young people from an extensive part of the land were publicly catechised in our chapel in Bala. I never saw such an affecting sight. They were hardly able to give their answers as they were overcome with weeping, and the whole congregation was possessed by the same feelings. All these young people had experienced religious impressions on their minds during the last nine months, and a thorough change has taken place in all their behaviour. The Lord made a deep and enduring impression on their minds. As they recited scriptures that set out the misery of the ungodly who die in their sins, they wept bitterly.’ [Y Trysorfa p.???]

1812 Thomas Charles in Cardiganshire. ‘The outlook of the Sabbath Schools is most bright in very many places in South and North Wales than it had been until now. The endeavours of the faithful and godly teachers have been crowned with the prosperity they desired, namely the awaking and hopeful conversion of hundreds of children and young people under their instruction. In my journey last spring through parts of South Wales the prospect was delightful in many places and an especial proof of the labour and faithfulness of the teachers. In some districts all the young people are under instruction, and the majority of them also under discipleship, having joined the private societies in their neighbourhoods. They were under the influence of very powerful workings, and pleasing signs of reformation of their behaviour. I was delighted to see the old mother church in Llangeitho as if its youth had been renewed as the eagle once again. The present revival started in Lledrod; and from there spread to Swydd Ffynon, Tregaron, Llangeitho; and now I hear that the church of Morfa, and the Sabbath School among them, receive a pleasant shower. In the Bala region a little hopeful awakening has started among the young people of the schools, and in Denbigh I have heard that there are similar workings upon the children and young people in the Sabbath Schools there. Walk on, heavenly fire, until the whole of Wales has been conquered by thee!’ [Y Trysorfa ii. pp.394-396]

‘“dated March 1812 “ :

“The prospect in South Wales, in a religious point of view, is most delightful. In some parts was truly presented to us a faithful representation of the day of Pentecost; there was a mighty rushing wind that bore down all before it. Into one Society, above 140 were received in the space of about two months. All the young people in a large district were under religious impressions. The Association at Aberystwyth and Haverfordwest were very pleasing and profitable. The congre­gation at the former amounted to about 20,000 persons, and great order and solemnity prevailed during the whole of the meetings. I have seen something similar in former days; but nothing like it for years past. Preaching was as easy as opening the lips, and divine influences on preachers and hearers were felt mightily. Without being in the work, and partakers of the influences, no one can form any conception of it. For my own part, whilst I have any memory, I shall never forget it! It is the more delightful to me, as I view it, in a great measure, as the happy fruit of our Sunday Schools. I pray the Lord it may spread wider and wider, till it cover the land! More has been done in a few weeks since the work began than was done before in many years painful labour, although perhaps it is the produce of those years of faithful labour. The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad! Our mouths are filled with laughter! Excuse my warmth in writing on the subject,—when I think of it my whole soul is kindled in a flame.” [EM, 1812, p. 250] “BALA[, April 1812].

DEAR SIR—I returned last week from a month’s tour through parts of South Wales. The Schools appeared prosperous in most parts, where I have been, and hundreds of them were brought for public examination in different parts.

In one large district, including four or five parishes, there appeared a very general and powerful awakening among the children and young people, who have for a few years past attended the Schools. Hundreds of them appeared of a week­day for public examination in four different places, their whole soul seemed to be heartily in the work; their appearance was solemn and serious, and the impressions on their minds were deep and powerful. Above 140 have joined Society in one parish in the space of two months, and their examinations were very pleasing and profitable. The awakenings extend to nearly all the young people, and I have not for many years passed witnessed so glorious and delightful a scene. I shall never forget my late visit among them. The Lord most evidently worked powerfully on their well-informed minds. I could not ask them a question on the fundamental articles of Christianity, without obtaining a very proper answer, confirmed by a passage of Scrip­ture. I deemed what I then saw of the work of the Lord among them, an ample reward for all my labours these twenty-six years past in the instruction of our poor people. I write this not from any motive of ostentation, but for the satisfaction of the Committee, and that the Lord by many may be praised for his wonderful works to the children of men. Not unto us! Not unto us! but to thy name, be the praise!” [LTC iii 420-1]

[For Llangeitho see MC ii. 18, Evan Evans, Nantyglo in Cyfaill yr Aelwyd, ?, and E.W. Richard & H. Richard, Bywyd y Parch. Ebenezer Richard, Llundain, 1839, pp.49-50; for Tregaron [about 80 were added to the church] see Y Geiniogwerth 1851, p.25; also Capel Soar see MC ii. 43. Also HMDA pp.268-9 on Penmorfa; HMDA p.228 on Pensarn, Mathla and Neli, Coedybrain (cf. GMR ?); HMDA p296-7 on ‘Ysgol y Diwygiad’]

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