Llangwyryfon (1789-1830)

1789 Llangwyryfon, Cardiganshire. ‘In the year 1789, there was here a cheerful revival of religion and a large addition to the church.’ [MC ii. 31] 1796-8 Llangwyryfon (Tabor), Cardiganshire. ‘Seven years after [1789], there was here again a powerful revival, when 200 souls were added to the church. Under the effects of this revival, the chapel became too small, and it was necessary to build a new one much larger and stronger than the first; the numbers decreased again through the backsliding of some, others moving away from the area, and some who died in their first love. This revival continued for the space of two years.’ [MC ii. 31]

1804 Llangwyryfon. ‘After about eight years the region had a gracious visitation again, namely in the year 1804, when about 150 were added to the number of the members, many of whom remain to this day.

In the same year, namely 1804, the Sabbath school began; but it met with, as in many other places, some degree of opposition, but with a greater degree of indifference, so that it went down [to ground?] again; and on the ground it continued for the space of four years; but in the year 1808 Mr Charles of Bala came by, who, by setting out the good effects that had followed it in the North, he exhorted them to take it up again; and this was also done, and until now it has been kept up. There had already been started, for about a year, a Sabbath school in a place called Pentre-y-mynydd, and that was the beginning of a new Methodist branch, which by now has been called Bethel.’ [MC ii. 31]

1822 Llangwyryfon (Tabor), Cardiganshire. ‘Before the year 1820 the chapel was rebuilt the third time, and from then to the year 1830, there were here three revivals, more or less powerful. In the one that took place in the year 1822, about 220 members were added to the church.’ (MC ii. 31)

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