'Bodwrdda' (1848)

‘It is considered that this revival started with a sermon of Cadwaladr Owen in a vigil of Hugh Griffith, Bodwrdda, who was an elder in Penycaerau, Lleyn. This took place on December 3, 1848, and his text was Rev. 14:13, - “Blessed are the dead, etc.” Thus it is said in the memoir of Hugh Griffith in the Drysorfa, which was written by Robert Evans, Methlam, an elder in Rhydlios, - “The effectual preaching of the brother on this occasion was in a great part instrumental in starting the religious revival which broke out in the region afterwards, the like of which has not been for 30 years.”’ [DCC p.372] The Revival extending later to Rhydlios, Pencaerau, Pengraig and Ty Mawr. All the chapels in these districts increased their membership considerably.

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