Lisvane (1804)

1804 Llysfaen [Lisvane], Glamorganshire. ‘In the year 1804, there was a great revival here, when fifty-one were baptised; and among them were the late Tomos Siencyn, of Bristol, and John Williams, who was subsequently minister at Wauntrodau [Ararat, Whitchurch now]. The Spirit of God continued to work here, and it was a very delightful time for four years. This was called the great revival by the old people, and it was so called quite suitably because over eighty were baptised in the four years. Among them was the late brother James Williams, the first minister of Llysfaen. . . During this period the church grew by a very great degree. The members numbered 112 in 1806.’ [Titus Llewelyn, Hanes Eglwys y Bedyddwyr yn Llysfaen, Morganwg, Caerdydd, 1883, pp.6-7]

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