Seion Welsh Calvinist Chapel - Bryneglwys (1819)

There can be greater confidence concerning the events at Bryneglwys in Denbighshire. The details are give by Griffith Owen as follows:

It appears that they received a powerful visitation this year, namely 1818. As is known, there was a most general revival throughout the land at that time, and known as the “Beddgelert Revival.” It began at Bryneglwys when Daniel Roberts was preaching at Llwyn Onn. The consequence was there was a great increase in the meetings, so that Llwyn Onn became too small to contain the hearers, and Pentre too small to contain the members, which by this time were 40 in number. In view of this there was nothing to do but move on to build a chapel. According to the stone above the door of the chapel, it is said that the first chapel was built in 1818; but the deed of the land says that it was purchased in September 1819. How to reconcile this, I know not; but according to the deed the last date mentioned must be taken. Besides this, in August, 1818, the revival broke out, and after this was the increase; so that it is not likely that they moved to build until a large number had come in during the last months of 1818, and great part of 1819 in all likelihood.

HMSF, pp. 476-7.

With thanks to Geraint Jones.

Additional Information

Built 1818, enlarged 1835, rebuilt 1854 and 1874. I think it is closed.

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