Cilcain (1832)

‘December 2nd, 1832

My Dear Mair...

I expect, my dear, shortly to have the pleasure of giving you an account of a glorious revival in Mold. The church, to my mind, is showing every sign of this. Our elders have awoken, and the members appear to be more awake than I have seen for some time. Perhaps you have heard of the revival in Cilcain, about four miles from us. There twenty people have newly joined the church. I know that this news will bring joy to your heart. Please pray, my dear Mair, (and ask your father to pray as well) for the church in Mold, that we will not be left without an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, through our many sins loudly call for this judgment, that is, to be left to ourselves. Indeed my dear, I fear that there is much chaff amongst us. O! that the Lord would come and purge us.’ (Thomas Jones, Fy Chwaer: Sef Cofiant am Miss Margaret Jones, Cefn y Gader, Wyddgrug., 2nd Ed., Wyddgrug, 1854, p.75)

‘Concerning the religious revival that Miss Jones refers to, that took place in Cilcain, in the year 1832, it may be noted that the religious cause there had not grown for quite a time beforehand, but this revival came, and there was a hot summer in place of a cold winter. It broke out on Monday night, the 25th of June, when Mr John Morgan, of Newtown, preached from Ephesians 2:1. An influence of such power descended on the whole congregation, that the most hard and unconcerned of men cried out, and fell on their knees, praying for mercy, some of them said trembling that they were “in the jaws of death.” The first church meeting after this, 21 were added to the church. The heavenly fire advanced; some other preachers had very powerful meetings; and at that time, in total 55 people were added to the church. These continued, with a few exceptions, with religion. Out of their midst there arose one very acceptable preacher and various deacons; and though subsequently dispersed among the nations, some in England, and some in the furthest reaches of America, they are now faithful and useful in the cause of the gospel; and others of them have fallen asleep in Jesus, leaving a good testimony behind them.’ (Jones, Fy Chwaer, p.163)

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