Cefn-gorwydd (1777-1828)

1790 Cefn Gorwydd. ‘The region was blessed with a number of precious religious revivals; and Mr Jones gives detailed accounts of those that took place in 1777, 1790, the Children’s Revival in 1800, 1804, 1808... 1812... 1828...’ [CCHMC viii. 74]

1812 Cefn Gorwydd. Revival. Rowland Hill passed through the place, and observing the people jumping and praising asked an old monoglot Welshman what they were doing, who answered as best he could “Rising Jesus,” “Oh well,” said the preacher, “Up with Him then.” [CCHMC viii. 74; MC iii. 382]

1828 Cefn Gorwydd. Cilycwm Revival as a result of which the chapel had to be enlarged a third time. (MC iii. 333-4; CCHMC viii. 74)

This information was kindly provided by Geraint Jones

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