Capel Y Graig, Welsh Independent Chapel - Machynlleth (1818)

1818 Revival reported in Machynlleth (HEAC i. 289)

There was a powerful revival movement among the Congregationalists at Machynlleth, Siloh, and Llanbryn-mair in 1818 and 1819. Concerning Siloh Thomas Rees and John Thomas state:

On Christmas night, 1818, Mr. James Davies, Llanfair, was preaching here from the words, “And there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” [Prov. 18:24] A powerful revival broke out – rejoicing became general – it spread throughout the whole country – and scores were added to the churches.[1]

Confirmation of this is to be found in a letter written by John Roberts, Llanbryn-mair, to his brother George in Pennsylvania:

There has been something of a revival in the Church since about last Christmas, upwards of 30 since have joined the Church – and there have been revivals in many parts of North Wales among Methodists and Dissenters. Sunday Schools have proved a great blessing in many places.[2]

At Machynlleth the start of the stirring cannot be dated with such accuracy,[3]although it is certainly possible that it began at about the same time. Rees and Thomas state that there were great additions to the number of the church from the town and surroundings, and among them very many men who have been of great use to the cause; and some of them were in advantageous worldly circumstances to be of service to religion. Doors were opened to preach in houses through the valleys round about – Sabbath schools were established in the nooks and corners of the mountains – and there was a revival of the schools in the places where they were already.[4]

[1]HEAC, i, 325.

[2]Letter dated 14 January 1819: NLW, MS 14092C.

[3]All that is given in HEAC, i, p. 289, is ‘about the year 1818’.


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