Twrgwyn Chapel (1792-1832)

1792 Twrgwyn, Cardiganshire. ‘From 1792 to 1832, this place had various reviving visitations, not less than seven times.’ [MC ii. 35]

Things were very effectual here through the ministry beginning on a work evening, when Davies Cynwil was preaching on those words, “In thee the fatherless findeth mercy.” Many were added to the church and the great majority of them continued faithful to the end.

NLW, MS 16151D No. 19. The text of the sermon is taken from Hosea 14:3.

The beginning of the revival movement at T?r-gwyn is connected with an Association meeting:

1819 When there was an Association at Cardigan many came under conviction there under the ministry of John Elias. And on one of the following evenings DlJones Llan llechyd was preaching at Twrgwyn on those words “Where are the ungodly?” The ministry had an effect on the congregation and many were added to the church.

NLW MS 16151D No. 19; see also MC, ii, 35. 

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