Beulah - Powys (1840)

Five men had finished a church prayer meeting and discussed why they had not been touched with the revival that was in many parts of Wales. They decided to pray there and then for the revival to touch their area. They had no breakthrough the first time they prayed, nor the second, but on the third time the Holy Spirit fell on them one by one. By this time it was late into the night and they were visited by relatives who had been worried about where they had got to. These new visitors were also touched by the Holy Spirit and they continued with them in prayer and praise. The service in Moriah Chapel on the next Sunday was blessed with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The congregation enjoyed the presence of God for a few days and then wondered if their sister church in Beulah had also been touched, so they decided to walk over there the following Sunday to join them in their service. On arriving they found a great crowd of people enjoying their own revival. That evening they returned home back over the mountain. The revival remained for three months. Each evening there would be a gathering at a farm or in the country somewhere. They would worship and pray well into the early morning.

A fuller account can be seen at, which in turn has been taken from Parishes of the Buzzard - Ruth Bidgood (2000)

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