Tregynon (1796)

1796 Penarth, Montgomeryshire. ‘This place of worship stood in the parish of Llanfair Caereinion, within two miles of the town. . . Shortly after the building of the chapel there was a powerful revival of the cause. In a letter Mr John Roberts wrote to his brother in America, dated May 3, 1796, saying ‘I am pleased to inform you that they are in now a revival of religion about Penarth and Tregynon. Twelve were received here in the last four months, and we are confident that there are still some here turning their faces towards heaven. In a time of great rejoicing here in Penarth the foot of the old preacher Rees Davies was hurt. A large, strong, heavy man named John Rogers, as he was jumping and rejoicing, trampled on his foot, and the swelling spread up his leg so that it had to be amputated! The church at the end of the revival numbered 60, but because of certain circumstances, bad feeling entered the church, mainly, as it appears, between the two preachers – W. Tibbot and R. Davies, Bonfedw; and the feelings of the church were divided because of them. W. Tibbot emigrated to America, and close to half the church went with him, and among them some of the best members. Richard Davies was taken with consumption – he died and was buried in the chapel. Between it all the cause was greatly weakened. But the Lord remembered his people and visited them again so that their hearts were gladdened. According to a letter Mr J. Roberts wrote to his brother in America in May 1808, the church of Penarth numbered 32.’ [HEAC i. 321-2, iii. 418]

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