Wymondham (1878)

...It was not long before my attention was directed to an advertisement in The CHRISTIAN for a "Bible-woman" at Selfield, Wymondham. As I wanted a field of labour I accepted the position in faith, not conferring with flesh and blood.

My lady friends told me it was scarcely the position for a lady to fill; but I bless God that He has led me to see that what the world esteems great He looks upon as nothing, for "things which are despised hath God chosen, that no flesh should glory in his presence." I bless God that He ever inclined me to come here for He hath put more joy into my heart than when "the oil and wine increase."  He has greatly blessed my feeble endeavours and to Him be all the praise and glory.

It is now over twelve months since I entered upon Christ's work here. As my object was the conversion of the people to God, I made use of such means as were calculated to promote this end. My plan has been house-to-house visitation, reading the Scriptures and prayer and delivering in different places simple Gospel addresses two or three times a week. The result has been the conversion of many souls to God who now rejoice in Christ as their one Saviour, and who walk in the light of his truth.

When I came here many of the people were in darkness as to their future, but now, under God, nearly every house in the district has received the blessing of divine grace. In some families, husband, wife, and children are rejoicing in the Lord.
This is the Lord's doings.

One remarkable instance out of many may be cited in confirmation. The Lazar-house, Wymondham, where I speak every Sunday afternoon, was formerly used as a refreshment-room, and as a place of resort for the young of both sexes on the Sabbath. Now it is filled with people praising the Lord; and the man and his wife who live in the house and sold the refreshments, are both converted. At the prayer meeting after the service it is very refreshing to my soul to hear their
voice in prayer, giving glory to the Lord for what He hath done for their souls.
What wonders the Lord hath wrought! « Them that honour

Selfield. Wymondham, Norfolk, March.

"The Christian," April 4th, 1878.

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