Arnold - Henry Longden (1798)

They visited several societies in the circuit, and in every place the same work of the alarming awakenings and speedy conversions was experienced. At Arnold many were saved and praised God with joyful lips. At Basford, the Spirit of God was as fire among dry stubble. After preaching, they continued in prayer some hours, pleading with God for those who were crying, "God be merciful to us sinners." It cannot yet be forgotten that all who kneeled at one form, in the same moment, received the witness of pardon, and at once gave glory to God.

Mr Longden, in his sermon that night, asserted, "instead of lewd songs being heard in the factory, soon there would be hymns of praise sung in every room." Much as the proprietor and managers doubted the truth of this, they found this was the beginning of good days. The work of God spread with rapid progress, and presently they joyfully witnessed the banishment of carnal songs from the factory, and nothing was heard throughout the place but the songs of Zion. "He that sitteth upon the throne, saith, Behold I will make all things new."

From ‘The Life of Henry Longden’ p115-6.

Additional Information

Location unknown, there was no chapel in Arnold at the time.

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