Gainsborough (1878)

A correspondent sends us a sketch of recent services by Miss Wales and Mrs Holland in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. He says:

"Our church was a struggling body of some 40 members or so; Chapel not out of debt, unable to pay our minister, without aid from the connexional funds and altogether our utmost endeavours were required to keep our heads above water. Our Chapel is situated in a back street, at rather a dark corner, amidst the homes of the working class and where we ought to have done a large amount of good, had we had plenty of hard workers in the cause of the Lord, but sad to say this was not the case.

As a rule churches like ours have to be worked by two or three and we were no exception to the rule. All the work had to be done by two or three; these two or three were fast going down the hill of life and therefore rather behindhand in all schemes which some of the younger ones, in their anxiety for the welfare of the places, might propose.

With such a state of affairs as this it will be no wonder to the reader that we were, in what is generally termed, a low state and our hearts were fast desponding, until like a glimmer of hope came the news from a neighbouring town, “There are two ladies conducting services here and stirring up the whole of the people; believers have been quickened to a more active spiritual life and sinners are giving up their sins and coming to Jesus.” One of our more energetic friends said, “Let us invite them to come here.”

After due consideration we did so, and as a result, in a week or two we had the pleasure of hearing these two sisters in the Lord.

In many cases, where the preaching of Miss Wales has failed to reach the stubborn heart, the singing of Mrs Holland has broken away all barriers and souls have been freed from the power of sin through her instrumentality.

In the prayer meeting Mrs Holland was always at hand to strike up some soul-stirring theme of “Jesus and his love," to assist the poor sinner in embracing his offers of mercy at once and forsaking sin.

These two ladies worked with us for three weeks and as a result, souls have been saved to a marvellous degree. Many have given themselves to the Lord, believers have been roused to a state of greater energy and activity than many of them have ever before experienced, and all testified to the good they have received through their instrumentality. Our church has gained heart and we are now working with greater faith and as a sure result with much increased success.

"The Christian," June 20th, 1878.


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