Woodford Baptist Church (1905)

Baptist Times, February 3 1905

The Revival in South Woodford, London

“For the past months in South Woodford, following a week of united prayer held in connection with the Free Churches, the Holy Spirit has been working His glorious miracles of conviction and conversion. There has been no advertisement nor any organising, but a simple, though strongly expressed, demand on behalf of the people of God that evangelistic services should be held, and now the good work gone on night after night with blessing upon blessing. Bible readings have been held every afternoon conducted by Revs A.A. Savage and F.D. Robbins, and evening meetings presided over by the same two ministers. Midnight meetings have been held and a number of notorious drunkards have been brought to know the saving and keeping power of Christ. One man who had not been inside a place of worship for twenty years was brought nearly drunk into the midnight meeting and on Tuesday last gave himself up to the “keeping“ Saviour. A man and his wife, who but a day or two before were fighting in their drunkenness outside one of the public houses, were brought to Christ; the wife came first, and then fetching her husband, had the joy of seeing him yield to the gracious influence of the Spirit.

“One meeting must be described. After parading the streets singing the old hymns of the Church, such as “Rock of Ages” and “Jesu lover of my soul,” the service inside the church having concluded with no apparent results, a hymn was sung, and the benediction pronounced. No sooner had Mr Savage said Amen than some lady came and said, “May we sing ‘Almost persuaded’?”The first two verses were sung but as the third verse proceeded “Almost persuaded, harvest is past,” the leader arose and said, “That is not true with anyone here,” recommencing the verse. The words died away and only the organ was left to finish the terrible last line or two. The congregation wept, broken prayers were offered, and five souls asked for help and were led to the “Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.”The end of the meeting was one of intense joy.

“On Friday night last a pause in the meetings came by way of a Baptismal service in the George Lane Baptist Church which will never be forgotten by any who were privileged to be present. After a sermon by the minister from John 2v5, the two ministers descended the baptistery together. The first to be baptised was the eldest daughter of Mr Savage and the second, the daughter of Mr Robbins. Both the ministers were deeply moved as were the congregation also. Then followed twenty-three others. Many more are waiting for baptism and it is impossible to see where it will end. The services are being continued this week at the Baptist Church, George Lane, and next week are to be held in the Wanstead Church. It is quite impossible to give numbers as so many have come to salvation outside the meetings and the workers have set their faces against counting of heads, but the numbers brought to Christ in the meetings is well on for a hundred and many pledges have been taken.”

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